Reston Writers’ Roundup (part 1)

Yesterday, my meetup group held a few writing exercises based on this lovely piece:

We attempted items 6 and 1.  So, in the first part of this demonstration of basic writing skill, I would like to share with you my entry for the Alphabetic story; the bold among us, me included, decided to follow the rule like a mountain hike: hike up from A to Z then back down again from Z back to A.

I suppose I should also point out that my official writing blog is at but I never post to Tumblr and since a writer introduced to to it, I figure I may as well make it more about my non-Project Kronosphere experiences.

Anyway, here is my story, from A to Z and Z to A, which I provisionally call The Game:

A barrel chested dude evoked fair games handled inconsistently.  Joseph kept loosing, maybe negligent of possibilities.  Quietly, rising slowly, tentatively, unsure, very weary, Xiaobǔ yelled “Zero!”


"Yes," Xiaobǔ waved.  "Unless taken successfully, rest quiescent players!  Often negative marks lack kindly justification."  Irritated, he got fingered, embarrassed, damnation coming before adjudication.

In fairness, I should note that my transcript shows “Useless” where I wrote “Unless”, but IIRC I meant “Unless” there since when I finished the rest of the phrase I realized that Useless wouldn’t work.